Johanna Parker Pink Pumpkin Necklace

Johanna Parker Pink Pumpkin Necklace

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In partnership with Johanna Parker Designs, as part of her JPD Partners in Craft, I give you these vintage inspired Jack O Lantern Necklace’s, hand painted in baby pink and rosy red cheeks with white heart details in the eyes!
These make a spooktacular accessory for any spooky babe!

These pumpkins were hand sculpted, molded, cast in Resin and then hand painted with acrylic paints with a vintage look that was inspired by Johanna's Design.

These are completely handmade and hand painted so please note that though I do my very best to make each one look the same as the one photographed here, there may be very minor differences in each one due to the handmade nature of these items.

Thank you for supporting handmade! :)

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